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The Zen of Bear

the man, the animal, the legend

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I am a weatherman from Honey Pot, Pennsylvania. I am an American that was working in Canada, got the boot and was stranded between no job and a pizza place for over a year, and am now back to being a weatherman (this time in the twin cities).

I got the nickname "bear" from my patrol leader in the Boy Scouts. And it got carried by a member of the troop to the Band and the high school. I should have not carried it into Penn State, but i did and it's stuck with me for the rest of my life.

As for me otherwise, I also am quite sympathetic to all sides since I have seen high society and also the side of the laborer. And they all have their good points. I even have a bit of a coal miner's mentality in me thanks to a work ethic that doesn't let me quit once I start something.

as for the im addresses, e-mail me first to let me know to add you to the list, since I keep my lists exclusively to those who know me personally.

and as for my status, well let's put things this way... our names and pics aren't in the paper yet and the date's not set. but as of 2/4/07, call it unofficially engaged for me and michelle.

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