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well, the last several weeks and months, there hads been a push by Lisa Przekop, myself, and others to try to get the reunion planning started. I had a FB group set up for the class a couple of years ago, making me, her, and the class officers administrators so that we could get as many people from the class together on there as possible, so when it came time for the reunion planning it could be done easier. Sounds like a decent plan.

Then a couple of months ago, given that 2017 was upon us, me, Lisa, and several others started pushing to get the plans started, knowing facilities would be needed as well as invites sent out, etc. Good intentions.

A couple of weeks ago, Class Secretary Lynette decided to surprise most of the class with a huge messenger chat about the reunion without anyone else knowing about it beforehand, dealing with ideas on places, dinners, dates, themes, etc. wasn't the perfect meeting, but at least one or two general ideas were hashed out. Volunteers were asked for to get things rolling, I volunteered to get the names/addresses and such into an updated file, and hearing no objections, Lynette and others said OK. That list is being built as an XLS spreadsheet as we speak. ok.

The starting last week, it ends up some tensions started brewing under the surface with Lynette, much to my surprise today. And Lisa was trying to hide them from me, because I was one of the supposed problems. everything from thinking that I was too "AR" about getting the list together (admitedly yes maybe I am a bit, but what else can I do 1000 miles away from where I graduated) to saying I'm a fat slob. Harsh to find out this, yes. But I'm fat, I know it. Yes it was meant as an insult, but I admit I let it roll off because I'm not going to sugar coat things, and it's a fact. I won't deny that. As for some of the other stuff, like hatred between Lisa and Lynette, Lynette and Chris Litch, and allegations about money being stolen from the last reunion by the class treasurer, worried about us as a class weren't classy enouhg for a country club, worried about someone throwing a fit about it not being partially organized by them and maybe wanting to call in a bomb threat (which is a felony, btw, and I don't think would risk 10+ yrs in jail for something that petty). And other allegations being thrown around too.

Was there other things on all of our lives that were causing tension outside of DC? for sure. I'm not going to go through them all as I see them as I don't want to break any more confidences. But more than a few people started this fight, and to be honest, I wanted to help put it out before things started by putting some of the heat on me instead of Lisa. After all, Lisa was busting her butt despite her illnesses to try to get things together, work with Lynette and others, whole 9 yards. And then she gets a call today that all her help was totally screwed over, because she was trying to get things done. And she only put all of what she said out there because of the frustration she has gone through in all of this.

So yes, I suggested roasting me in order to have people think about how to make that venting happen in a possibly funny way, maybe even a way to raise money for charity (like maybe Juvenile Diabetes for example, since one of my nephews was diagnosed type 1 at 1 yr old, and almost died several months before I got this job in St. Paul). Yes I did think about that too much, being at a comedy club the previous night, and given what was supposedly said about me, etc, figuring that would be a way to start to diffuse things. good idea, but unfortunately easily mis-inturpreted.

What ended up happening is I got a complaint that I threw a now former friend under a bus, when I did no such thing. I am supposedly hated by several people now just because I'm trying to do what I can while there's a severe outbreak threatening several other classmates and others in the southeast US, thinking maybe about watching the football game (that went as well as the game scores themselves).

I'm sorry for being who I am, how I evolved as a person. whether that is caring too much about others that I forget to take care of myself, including putting myself in the sacrifice chair, or trying to diffuse fights as best I can among otherwise friendly people in my friend list so it doesn't get out of hand, or whether I try to get the back end of tihngs done technically as well as I can, to be sure there's less confusion all around. you know, trying to keep things as simple as possible.

So for the sake of this class endeavor so that we can actually have a good party and not need an MMA ring, if you have any skeletons in peoples' closets, get them settled now. If you don't like working with several people because of their style, let them know NOW, so things can go smoother. and if you don't like certain people within our class for whatever reason, please get it out of your system now. I am planning to be there not only to see everyone again, but also to see my nieces and nephews, as well as my mom and brothers, who I haven't hugged and been with in person for since my dad died.

If you want me to still be a part of this, say so. If you need me to step aside, let me know. I just lost one friend over this tonight, I don't want to lose anyone else. But if I have to for the greater good, please say so.
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22 January 2017 @ 07:06 pm
yesterday, I turned 43. I made it this far, cool. I know there's a lot of life yet to come, and I hope to get a lot more done in it before everything is all said and done. As for how things are going for the last several months to a year, let's just ask how much time do you want tospe nd reading? because it's been a year of good and bad, and even some ugly.

First off, me physically. Yes, unfortunately since I turned 42, I did manage to unhappily gain back most of the weight I lost the previous 2 years. What are some of the causes? let's go through them....

  • working nightshift for over a year.  I don't know about anyone else, but working on the opposite side of the clock is never really that good for you. I did get into some real bad habits when it came to soda and iced tea, snacking, crashing after work, etc. Add that to the fact that to get anything done you really have to screw up your sleeping rhythms to do anything, and even studies have shown that night-shift just isn't that good for you.

  • adding to that, after my loss of the position over at Earth Networks basically due to a coin flip, to say there hasn't been some at times bad depression that set in, that can be an understatement. trying to get back into the meteorology field is quite nasty. And between companies like one in central NJ saying "because your last position was on the radio, we're not confident you can forecast for private and municipal clients again", or one company in Chi-town advertising for a regular forecaster end up actually wanting a programmer (which wasn't mentioned in the ad at all, making it a false advertisement), or even other companies like one here in the south metro whose HR dept seems to forget the laws on age discrimination; all of those companies either corporate members of the AMS or NWA or owned/run by AMS CCM's or NWA sealholders, it hurts, a lot.

  • and to say the lack of much of a social life partly due to the hours and part due to other private reasons, that doesn't help either.

But on the good side, at least I think it's a good side, I seem to be able to prove again and again on a daily basis that I am that good a met just because of forecasts overall that beat the averages. Am I perfect, heck no, I don't know any met that is perfect (at least without lieing more than President Trump's Secretary "Baghdad Bob"). But to say human forecasting is dead, it's also quite wrong. I just have to remember to keep looking at reality and not only at the models. Now if only weather companies would realize that.....

As well, at work I'm not the fastest on the saws or the assembly lines, but at least I can keep one of the steadier paces around, and also have a good idea on the numbers needed. And there are a few safety improvements that I had a small role in helping with as an advocate (safety on cleanup on one line, better tornado sheltering, and also more thought to weather safety).

And as an usher at church, overall it has been a nearly incident-free year, with only a few close calls. No major incidents, no major problems.

Other than that, it seems I'm becoming better as a counselor to some people (who I won't say, client/counsel privilege). But if that's what I have to do at times as a friend, so be it. At least it's constructive with life.

as for what I need to do this year, there is a decent list coming up....

  • first and foremost, I have to get back to forecasting weather for a living. not only is it safer than working in a factory (nothing against this factory though as the benefits are better than any weather job I had)

  • second, yes I have to get out more. and at least I started that one right last nihgt by heading to the comedy club for my birthday. Maybe next year it can be planned a bit earlier so others can also be there). How much I'll be able to do so will depend more than a bit on whether I can not only be back in weather or not, but also how long I'll be on 2nd shift. Because 2nd shift definitely not good for social lives.

  • third, as part of all that, yes I have to start losing weight again.

  • and fourth, do all of that while fighting internal malaise caused by everything else.

On top of that though, I will be heading back to Nanticoke looks like the end of July, for my HS reunion (25 years since I graduated HS). But while there, I have to admit, I am much more looking forward to being able to hug my neices and nephews again than anything else (even though a party with most of my former classmates will also help). Because I miss them dearly out here in the twin cities. And I wish there was ome way I could host them out here for a couple of days. Not only to just be not as absentee an uncle, but to be able to show them the world a lot more than they get with occasional trips to NYC, Wildwood/Cape May, and such. Because there would be a lot for them to see and do out here, as well as just to be able to escape the negativity that can creep over the Wyoming Valley at times and show them a more positive place out here in the upper midwest US. I'm not sure they'd want to be out here during a major severe weather outbreak or when it's -20F before the wind chill. But to say I wouldn't want them to be able to swim in a city lake, or bike on senic bike paths, maybe some ice fishing, or maybe even be out here for events like "Crashed Ice" or the "Winter Carnival" to see the overthrow of King Boreas, I want them to be able to see that as much as maybe get my passport renewed so I could take them to Toronto Island (well all except Hanlan's Point), or have them go up in the CN Tower, or to Parlaiment Hill, queen's Park, or even what's left of Much Music at Queen and John (as much as it has declined since Ed the Sock was given the heave ho). But I want to do more for my mom, my brothers, and my neices/nephews back there in PA.

There is more I'd like to speak to in the weather field itself, but that will be for next time. :)
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Over the last few days on facebook, i'm not sure how many of you noticed, but I have gone borderline obsessive about how nasty Hurricane Matthew could be and pinpointed several high school friends in the line of fire. And it's looking worset han I imagined a couple of days ago. Most of the meteorological community was thinking maybe cat 3 and the storm moving along the shoreline from northern atlantic Florida towards the Carolinas. Then came the models a ouple of days ago, where they hinted at the storm (which has take the life of ~17 people in Haiti and as of this moment is slashing through the Bahamas) heading towards the coast of Florida, if not a direct landfall. I have to admit, things went from "Oh crap" to "Mother of God". And as the storm has made its way through the Bahamas after going through the hillier terrain of Haiti and eastern Cuba, it somehow stayed as a strong cat 2/ weak cat 3.

Now, ~ 24 hours after blasting through Cuba and Haiti, it's getting nastier by the minute, now back to a Category 4 storm. This "Matthew" is one mean m-f'er. And now, if the track and the models are close, we are looking at a near-landfall or pure landfall between Melborune FL and Daytona Beach Florida sometime tomorrow morning. It's current and forecasted wind field has the potential of hurricane force winds (greater than 64kts/74mph/120kph) as far as 40-50 nautical miles (45-58 miles/75-90km) from the center radially. That's a lot of real estate. And to make matters worse, the winds of 100kt/115mph/200kph (EF1/EF2 tornado) may be 10-20 miles/15-30km from the center. So if this storm stays off shore it will be bad, but if it were to somehow come onshore, whoever's in the path of the eye and the eye wall is generally screwed over 6 ways from Sunday (to keep it clean). And that's not including any tornadoes that spin up within the bands of rain with the hurricane, or the 4-8 feet of storm surge (think wall of water above normal tides, before adding in waves of 15-25 feet on top of that). Add to that the fact that this part of the southeast Atlantic Seaboard has not seen a storm of this magnitude on this specific for more than a few years (longer than the drought of 5 years without a major hurricane land-falling in the US proper), and several friends I know haven't been though something like this before, and it's a recipe of disaster if you somehow think you want to stay around there the next few days.

My current advice to my friends from the central South Carolina coast all the way to Fort Lauderdale: WHY HAVEN'T YOU GONE INLAND AND EVACUATED YET? GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE!!!!!  THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!!!

And for me personally and professionally over the years, I have to admit, I am sometimes the last one to go nuts with "calling for the big one". i don't like to alarm people needlessly, like has happened with some people (*cough* winter storm names *cough*). This time, I can't hold back on this. If the worst were to occur, people may die. And I don't want that especially to be my friends, whether from high school or otherwise.

To those who have already evacuated, whew. for those who didn't yet for whatever reason, don't wait.

so please, take this seriously, especially my high school classmates. we do have a reunion coming up next year (25th). And i'd like to be able to see you and your families there in one piece. thanks.
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I know you have to be wondering, what the heck I am talking about. well, it starts off with the flooding a couple of weeks ago in Houston after some places got 10+ inches of rain. And there were more than a few problems, homes damaged, roads damaged, roads flooded out, etc.

And one met down in H-town was cited by Huffington Post for making a really strong statement on the air, after hearing that more than a few people who didn't heed the NWS saying "Turn Aorund, Don't Drown". And what he was hearing from reporters and such wasn't only people doing so, but saying their bosses ordered them to drive in to work, even if the roads might be impassible, and even if they were told by authorities it wasn't safe to do so.

So one met for fox-26 in Houston, Mike Iscovitz, went off on a bit of a rant, even going so far as saying

“If anybody got fired because they didn’t go out to work in this, call us,” he continued. “We will expose that [employer] on the air in front of millions of people and embarrass them. I will do that. I’m serious.”

the link below is the link to the complete HuffPo article, as well as the on-air rant in which this quote was taken.


Needless to say, I have to admit, I was a bit shocked at first. Not necessarily because he said it, or even made the threat, but because there are lot of mets that say this off-air but noone really goes with this in public.

I actually see this thing in a couple of lights.

  • First, you have to admit, if a metro area is undergoing nasty flooding, I am more than likely thinking commuting there is a nightmare at best, but at worst literally impossible.

  • Second, as someone who doesn't like to see someone else get harmed, even due to dim-bulb ideas, and even as a safety advocate on my line at the factory, seeing someone order someone else into a more dangerous situation than they need to be in blindly knowing that the consequences are most likely great, that just seems like pushing someone too far. Sometimes you just need to think for a second and wonder if you really should make that order.

  • Third, yes maybe this is going a bit far as a meteorologist. But since a lot of mets in TV are also "Multimedia Journalists" as well these days, why wouldn't you want to tell the full story of what is going on? It's not necessarily even a ratings thing, just as a human story?

  • Fourth, I remember a conversation I had at a Job Club in the northwest metro a couple of years ago with a lady who was out of work, but in her past was actually a college professor in Psychology over at the University of Illinois. We talked a bit about some professional stuff, and at the time the NWS and AMS were doing a lot of studies about communicating warnings better, post Joplin. And I asked her some stuff as a psychologist about getting the message sent out better. And she told me bluntly, maybe the on-air met should just tell them "get to shelter or you'll &*()%^ die". to me it seemed almost too blunt. But sometimes she said (paraphrasing), "you just have to be that blunt with people if they don't listen otherwise. And if they don't listen than, then you have to say screw them".

  • fifth, there is this initative from the National Weather Service called "Weather Ready Nation" . It's an initative where, due to what happened in Joplin, in the deep south in Alabama, New Orleans, and other areas; that it was thought to be a real good idea to help people, schools, communities, and businesses understand what to actually do in cases of flash floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, etc. And to show off what places/communities/schools/businesses/organizations are stepping up to the plate and really preparing as well as they can be, there actually is a certification showing that these places know what to do, and what people are helping others know how to make the right preps, known as being "Storm Ready".

So with all of that laying out there, I have to admit, I could see why he did it, given all that has gone on in the Weather community and what is going on. And I could see how someone could call it borderline unprofessional, given the anger behind the statement. And if you look at the discussion about this on LinkedIn, you could see these arguments play out. There are a couple of statements from fellow members, and also one or two from a CCM (Certified Consulting Meteorologist). So it plays out well talk about it for several days, some people take a more legal stand; some a more of an argument about the goal being to save lives, almost no matter what the short-term cost; and also points in between. At least it spurred some debate, and to be honest, I was looking for a bit of profesional guidance from peers anyway, so I got it. And I thought ok, good things to think about. So much so, that when I was at a safety conference in MInny on behalf of Andersen-Renewal, while we were in-between classes/lectures, I saw a booth for MN-OSHA (Minnesota Occupatioal Safety and Health Administration). So I decided when noone else was the booth to ask a hypothetical based off this Houston Met's rant and how they might deal with it. He basically said there wasn't much OSHA could do if they weren't on the premisis and not in a company vehicle. But it might be a good question for the Department of Labor. I have to admit, I have't asked them about it, but it would be an interesting question to ask.

So, with that all being said, as I said earlier, there was a lot to think about, but for the moment the debate was over. Or so I thought. One of the things LinkedIn does when you start a discussion topic within a gorup, unless you check otherwise they e-mail you when the discussion  was updated. Well, yesterday evening, I get an e-mail from LinkedIn about the discussion. And it ends up the met who made the statement originally on TV, and even defended what he said a bit in the discussion, well, he got an e-mail from the AMS CBM board (Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, it's a program that when you see the seal displayed duing the forecast, it says that the met knows what he's doing). Apparently, the CCM who thought this CBM went over the line filed a formal complaint to the CBM Board about what he did on the air, maybe trying to go after his seal, or at least some sanctions. In a major market like Houston, that could mean he could lose his job, as most stations like his usually require either a CBM from the AMS or a Seal of Approval from the NWA (National Weather Association). It would be more than a bit tragic that one rant like that, or a discussion about that rant, could lead to someone losing their job. It's not what I intended at the least. As I stated above, I was thinking more of "forward-looking guadance", or a "learn for next time" type of thing.

I am wondering if I should have even brought up the topic over on LinkedIn like I did, gven how much higher the stakes are now. But as I see it, if someone didn't do it in a group where all members could comment professionally, maybe it would have been brought up by potential advertisers and he would have been gone without notice, causing even more debate as to why. And in that discussion, the mystery could end up being more conspiritorial, or even political in a non-professional forum, when it shouldn't be that way, given how life and death can be at stake depending on what is said on-air and off.

Hopefully though, In hope two things come out of this. One, that Mr. Iscovitz gets to keep his seal without sanction, as he seems like the met you'd want to have on the air in a situation like this. But two, I am hoping that the CBM committee (and the CCM committee for that matter) can use this opportunity to claify some policies in this regard, so that we get some clearer guidelines down the line.

As for one side question though for the NWS as part of "Storm Ready". If a company gets the certification that they are "Storm Ready", and then through actions of supervisors orders they direct their employees to ignore storm-readiness and put their lives needlessly in peril, can a company have that status take away from them publicly for such an action?

hoping for the best, and preparing for the worst. from the bear's den on the web, later.
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13 May 2016 @ 11:34 am
well, overtime shift tonight at work. but tomorrow after work, I will have a show to watch. The Eurovision Song Contest finals start tomorrow at 2pm central/3pm eastern. I'll be watching online via live youtube stream (look for eurovision song contest channel onyou tube, or on the Eurovision Song Contest app on Windows 8.x/10.x. I have to check who the top seeds are, as I'm not sure how they ordered the performers this year.
is some of the music cheesy in a contest like this? no doubt. But there's no swiss cheese in this year's grand final, as they didn't make it past the prelims.
for those who try to think of what this is like, think American Idol/The Voice, except you go from the final 25 to 1, in one night, one live performance, order on stage determined by preliminary-round scores. And the voting is weird compared what we're used to. each country counts equally, like each state is treated in our US Senate, but you're not allowed to vote for your own country. And professional music judges count for 1/2 the country's score, while the other half is from phone-in votes. points for placements go 12 for first, 10 for second, then 8 for 3rd, then 7 thru 1 for the rest of the top 10. and the winner of the contest is the country's representative that has the highest placement score.

should you watch and/or listen? probably if only if you have nothing else to do, or if the weather has you socked in. but it's not that bad. you probably would look at it as different entertainment.

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13 May 2016 @ 09:47 am
If you haven't heard the news by now, Wendy's is taking their Kiosk ordering idea from a few select restaurants to the whole chain in the next couple of years. And I know, there's a lot in the more right-leaning side that say the main reason they're making this for all restaurants now is because of the proposed higher minimum wages. There could be some truth to that.

But if you think about the headline more closely for a minute, they were already doing this in a few restaurants. Read that to say "They were planning to do this anyway in the next few years, but it's a convenient excuse to use the minimum wage increase as the reason". It's the same type of reasoning that more and more people are hired either as temps, part-timers, or contract workers to not pay health benefits. Businesses were planning to do that anyway, and were slowly doing that since the late 2000's. But the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, came out, and those businesses who were planning to make such a move figured "here's the excuse to roll this out en masse, let's do it now". They didn't say that explicitly, but if you look behind a lot of business numbers and ideals, that's exactly what they were thinking.

So please keep that in mind, instead of the talking points you'll hear from both the left and the right.

And one other thing on this....

I hear several press outlets saying this is the first major chain to do this in any major way. I'm sorry, but I'm guessing they never went to a Sheetz minimart/gas station since 2007? Because to the Sheetz locations I remember being in, whether in State College or in eastern PA, they all had you order their "Made to Order" subs and salads that way. since like 2006 or 2007. And I'm guessing when Wendy's did such an experiment the last couple of years, they probably saw the cost savings from what Sheetz did. Also, McDonalds has been experimenting with this concept now for several years in a few select locations as well. And this was a long time before the movements to try to raise the minimum wage to between 12 and 15/hr. So what Wendy's is doing isn't original. It's copy-catting a minimart.

boy, I wish the press would do their homework, or at least go back to j-school and learn to do more thorough reserarch before doing a story like that.
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21 March 2016 @ 09:01 pm
have on DWTS attm. seeing the cast members, have to wonder at first glance...
Kim Fields was on the "Real Housewives of Atlanta"? talk about a step down from "The Facts of Life". but at least she didn't do bad on her first appearance. She'll be around a while, as she has potential.
Marla Maples is in there as well? will her Ex-hubby/presidential candidate Donald Trump work for her, or against her in the fan voting? Her actual dancing was pretty good, and has potential. not sure she can win, but she'll be around for a while, depending on the viewer votes.
Geraldo Rivera? definitely think he won't get as much support as a talk show host as Jerry Springer did. and let's face it, despite his age, he will be bounced out early. Starting off the dance with the laughable "Al Capone's Vault" announcement? Epic Fail in the making.
3 football players this time: LB Von Miller, WR Antonio Brown, and QB Doug Flutie. no thought of getting a kicker while we're at it? but Doug Flutie looks just ok, maybe looking to sell more "Flutie Flakes" than anything else. As for Antonio Brown, he represented Pittsburgh well, and emerged as one of the male contenders for the ball. And for Von Miller, he's #2 among the football contingent, but a close second.
Wayna Morris from Boyz 2 Men? well at least we know where the slow music will come from this year. not total pure cha cha, but definitely looking quite good for the season win. just will have to see how he does when he's not using his own group's music (used " Motown Philly" for the opener).
Paige Van Zant from MMA? could be interesting. and that first dance shows a lot of potential. could be a sleeper pick to win it all.
Nyle DiMarco from "America's Top Model"? well, at least he's got poise and presentation down. he's deaf? you can't tell that by the dance itself. he did quite well. and with the choreography timed out, he's a legit contender for the ball, with or without hearing .
Full House's Jodie Sweetin? i guess they postponed "Fuller House" for this. Well, at least Candice Cameron should help her. and she actually looked like a potential contender for the mirrorball after her first dance.
as for GMA meteorologist Ginger Zee, she should lock up a lot of the met vote, but let's face it, how many mets would have the time off or aren't sleeping during this time-slot given the weird hours most of them work? and plus, how many mets will be watching DWTS when it's the same night as the live "Weatherbrains" podcast? as for the dance itself, she looked good, but wasn't the star of the night (stiff competition on the female side). definitely the American and Canadian models don't write her out of the picture (the Euro, UKMET, and Japanese model ensembles are split) .
Mischa Barton from "The OC" and "Maximum Overdrive"? we'll see what happens. first dance impressions, a definite contender. definitly looked in time and in step. the tempo isn't a big fault in my book, but the judges see it very differently.

that's just my impressions and i'm sure you differ.  sound off and let me know .
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11 March 2016 @ 09:28 am
Not sure if people remember here, but a couple of months ago, I mentioned somewhere about the Pelmorex picking up a  twitter account (@TheWeatherNetUS). And that followed Weatherbrains episode 492 several months earlier where several of the people from up in Oakville made an appearance and hinted at something coming stateside, but not saying what. Well, I guess I now found out what something is....

On my Roku box this morning, I was flipping through some channels, looking to maybe stream my usual ones (Comedy Central shows, youtube, the liberal talk one); and also head over to the one for South By Southwest (programming starting on that one today at 11am CT with Obama's speech later thi afternoon). But then I saw a new one pop up: The Weather Network from up in Oakville, Ontario. They are now streaming on my Roku box. And to be bluntly honest, this is a fairly big move, given recent events at their US cousin, The Weather Channel (they last I knew owned 40% of Pelmorex, but that may have changed). Unlike WeatherNation, the guys and gals on the Oakville/Mississaga line have much more TV experience to start off with, have better funding, a better set of storm chasers live in the field (Dayna Vetesse among others) and have been doing their own higher tech development behind the scenes for a while. And like their US cousins, they also have spun/sold off their commercial services division (Pelmorex sold theirs to MeteoGroup out of the UK, and the Weather Channel/The Weather Company sold their WSI and Weather Underground sister companies to IBM).

Looking at their current forecast package on the live stream, I have to admit, personally, I like theirs better than WeatherNation's. Not saying WeatherNation's is bad per se, but if you have the Roku box, try watching each channel, and you tell me. But that being said, they do need to get more of their personalities on the air, and they have to tape more than two or three segments to put in the rotation, which I hope they will do soon. Also, given what I remember of them in Canada, it will be interesting to see how they do in a severe weather outbreak with the live coverage. Because in Canada, they weren't bad. But this is the US now, and they have more competition.

That being said, there may be something that could end up a net positive here if they can pull it off: cross-border coverage. If you want to know how that can be pulled off, think about the Pacific Northwest US and the Lower Mainland of BC. Storms that affect Oregon and Washington will also affect Vancouver and the BC Interior. Also, with outbreaks that go across the northern Plains, there have been more than a few instances even since I have been out here where storms have crossed the border NW to SE or SW to NE. If one network could keep continuous coverage across both sides of the border, think how that could look good. And if you're in the Great Lakes, there have been more than a few squall lines over the years that have spanned from Northeastern Ontario all the way towards northern Indiana. and as those storms move from Lower Michigan to Western New York, most US coverage stops at the border crossing, while a lot of the storms usually don't. What if that storm coverage could be continuous without break, from Michigan, through London/Windsor, through Toronto/Hamilton/Niagara, and than right into Buffalo and Dunkirk, keeping track all the way with continous coverage? TWC, A-W, and WN currently don't, and can't really pull that off. And what about those big bomb-like nor'easters that blast everyone from DC to Newfoundland? Will TWN be able to give better perspective up and down the coast?

There are a lot of possibilities here, if this is pulled off the right way. Question is, will it? and if it does, what does it mean to the competition?

And by the way, WeatherNation and now TWN are on Roku. Where are Accu-Weather 24/7 and The Weather Channel national live internet streams on Roku? And I'd assume this is the same on Chromecast, but maybe those users can share if this is also the case... But if I was able to see all four TV services on the internet/roku stream, wouldn't that make for some real interesting comparisons, side by side?

But for now, all I can say from the outside looking in is, the war for TV Weather eyeballs just got a new player from the outside of the battlefield. And will they end up stealing the show, or just join in the fight making it, from an ECW persopective, from a three-way battle to a 4-way dance?

your thoughts.....
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After an extremely mild Christmas/New Year's, and a couple of lake-effect events due to overdue intrusions of arctic air, we finally have the setup for a potential makor east-coast snow storm. And if you look at the different facebook, twitter, and internet weather sites out there, the hype machine is going as strong as a politican's during a hot campaign, and we're not even in New Hampshire or Iowa (even though southern new Hampshire might actually be affected pretty signifigantly).

Not saying it isn't tentatively warranted, given some of the model and model ensemble solutions out there. After all, 10-20 inches in a 200 mile stripe of the more populated portion of the US is pretty big economically. But some of the more infamous sites out there are going all "Weather Weenie" style displaying not projected ensemble risk, but showing near worst-case scenarios of projected 36-48" snowfalls. Mind you, that outside of lake-effect events, the most we have seen over the northeast in a single synoptic-scale event has been near 36" in the last couple of years; with most significant events closer to the 12-18" range. And also, remember the event is for 5-7 days ahead (Monday projections of a system for the this Friday to Sunday ahead). Also, the caveat that the synoptic support for this system hasn't even made it onshore in the Cascades yet. And the models are still only good for these type of events typically 2-3 days out for any decent details, with potential forecasts good to 5-6 days out, and general pattern recognition up to 2 weeks out.

So as much as models have improved, and will continue to improve now that NCEP finally got, in simplified motorsports metaphors, one of the top engines out there, we still need a better handling/aero package. and we can't have amateur drivers (like the facebook sites NEPAWX, PA Weather Authority, the Johnny Depp impersonator and forecasting impersonator from so-Cal Kevin Martin, and others), and others taking these sophisticated mathematical models and massacring their data like Justin Beiber does drag-racing a Ferrari in downtown Miami after midnight.

That all being said on my soapbox (and yes I yield back my soapbox time Mr. Speaker), i do agree with the latest data that there is a higher than normal potential for snow from the Mid-Atlantic to Southern New England and the Canadian Maritimes. And a decent potential for some rather signifigant snowfall amounts (12+ inches/30cms+) that could signifigantly blow and drift might affect a lot of commerce and a lot of people. But don't bank on Jim Cantore or other TV personalities in your back yard quite yet.

Come Wednesday, then you can start to place your bets. And when it comes to Thursday, yea I will pull out the Paint Shop Pro 15 and the Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet to venture with ye old snowfall map so you can know how bad I think it will be. but until then, enjoy the hype for what it is: the same type of hype Don kIng used to do for a Tyson fight. Except Momma Nature can outlast Tyson or Rhonda Rousey.
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Interesting times within the weather industry continue into the new year. Over the last few years, we've had more than a few changes within the industry itself.

The Weather Channel/WSI buys Weather Underground and Weather Central, then ends up spinning off the data part of the combined company before selling it to IBM.

Also, the Weather Channel faces cable dial competition from not only WeatherNation (which also has a over-the-air side channel component), but also Accu-Weather 24/7.

WeatherData is bought up by Accu-weather

Several foreign weather/geoscience conglomerates come in to either buy up North American companies or establish offices in the North America.

  • Fugro from the Netherlands establishes an office in Houston

  • AWT and ImpactWeather bought by StormGeo, based out of Norway

  • multi-national Rockwell Collins buys WilkensWeather

  • Iteris buys Meridian out of Grand Forks (rumors more for the technology transfer than the forecasting)

  • Schneider Electric out of Germany buys DTN Meteorologix

  • Offices are established in the US for Austrian met conglomerate UBIMET. (manhattan to be exact)

  • WindLogics is bought by NextEra Energy Resources

Now Pelmorex is in on the act. First, after acquiring WorldWeatherwatch for its commercial forecasting back in 2006, now it sold off that commercial services division to Meteogroup out the UK this past October. And now within the last couple of weeks, at least on line and in the cell side, is competing in the US Market, video and app-wise. And from what I have seen of the video product, it looks like they may be making a move soon for some US cable/satellite outlets. And it's actually quite a curious move, given that NBC Universal, owner of the Weather Channel, is also a minority owner of Pelmorex/The Weather Network. But given the hints dropped on Weatherbrains several months ago when Chris Scott was a guest as part of a Canadian-themed episode, and given this move, you have to admit, we may be one step closer to Jim Cantore having to make a flight to wittness a nor'easter not from Boston, Cape Cod, or down-east Maine, but maybe Saint John, Moncton, Cape Breton, Yarmouth, Saint Johns, or even the "Wreckhouse"? or will Chris St Clair and Dayna Vettese be the ones coming out to places like Topeka and Minneapolis/St Paul?

Guess we'll see how 2016 shapes up. Just hope in the meantime I will be able to finally get back on the inside of the industry, not look from the outside in. That way I could concentrate more on doing what i do best, forecasting the weather, not speculate about the weather business like a commentator on CNBC, Fox Business, ROBTV, or Bloomberg analyst.
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